Technicolor announced an end-to-end solution set for Network Service Providers that enables delivery of rich entertainment experiences across wired and wireless infrastructures.  With the goal of helping NSPs optimize their networks so consumers can enjoy content on any screen, at any time, as the creator intended, Technicolor will demonstrate its portfolio of integrated solutions at the Internet and Television Expo (INTX) in Chicago May 5-7.

“We know that delivering high-quality content in a seamless viewing experience to consumers in their homes is a significant growth opportunity for NSPs,” said Michel Rahier, President of Connected Home, Technicolor. “From the studios to the home, Technicolor is the only company that has deep insight into the technologies to create, distribute and deliver truly immersive experiences. We’re delivering innovation across the digital ecosystem that helps NSPs tackle the toughest challenges of today, like network bandwidth shortages and the delivery of UHD experiences.”

By offering solutions for every piece of the distribution and delivery cycle, from modems to high dynamic range (HDR) set-top boxes, Technicolor supports NSPs with differentiated, innovative and complete offerings that bring immersive entertainment experiences to consumers.

Home Connectivity Excellence

To help NSPs bring the highest bandwidth to every home, Technicolor has developed the DOCSIS 3.1MediaAccess TC4400 cable device. Currently in lab testing with major cable providers, the device is one of the first products to utilize DOCSIS 3.1 technology to enable downstream speeds of up to 5 Gbit/s and upstream speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s while conserving bandwidth and maintaining energy efficiency. A live demonstration at INTX will showcase how cable providers can achieve simultaneous upstream and downstream gigabit speeds, better active content queue management and higher capacity on existing networks.

To further address consumer complaints about in-home Wi-Fi connectivity, Technicolor is also launching a major update of its leading Wi-Fi Doctor solution to ensure NSP installers optimize Wi-Fi configurations at the outset. With the strongest possible setup in place, Wi-Fi Doctor then collects and stores data for future consultation help desk analysis, diagnostics and remote testing. This latest release gives both consumers and operators more control over the network experience by providing comprehensive network checkups, producing detailed diagnoses, prescribing a cure and maintaining network health records for future reference.

Integrated Broadcast / OTT Experiences

To curb quality and connectivity demands spurred by the rise of online content and services and help NSPs maximize the end-user experience, Technicolor has also developed a set of Android-based platforms that support native over-the-top (OTT) and hybrid OTT/broadcast content delivery.

Technicolor’s MediaPlay SLIM Ultra HD OTT Ultra-Thin set-top box delivers OTT services and live TV over WLAN networks using a dual band 2×2 802.11ac Wi-Fi solution to display HEVC HD and Ultra HD HEVC 4Kp30 video. With just a MHL2.0 single wire connection, consumers can enjoy live, VoD, and web content in a single platform.

Technicolor’s MediaPlay SKIPPER is a next-generation, cost-efficient hybrid OTT/broadcast platform that runs live TV (unicast streaming, IPTV), online video content, games and apps. The set-top box, fueled by the latest Android 5.x release, can also provide access to the Android TV PlayStore or run specific sets of user interfaces.


Making HDR a Reality

To bring truly immersive experiences to the home and make HDR content delivery a reality for NSPs, UHD Alliance founding member Technicolor is developing the world’s first UHD, high frame rate (p60), HDR set-top box. HDR expands the dynamic range for an increase in video quality that more closely matches what the human eye actually sees, resulting in is a more realistic, immersive cinematic experience with greater depth, richer colors and more details in both the shadows and highlights.

Designed on an open standard that ensures the creative vision behind every piece of content is seamlessly delivered to the consumer as intended, the Technicolor 4Kp60 optimizes and simplifies the operator transition to UHD. The box will decode both HDR and standard dynamic range (SDR) versions of the same content using Technicolor’s backwards-compatible, single-stream HEVC solution for HDR delivery and integrate seamlessly with content graded to the open standards of the UHD Alliance. With this solution, operators will be able to deploy a single set-top box to consumers that will accommodate both current SDR signals and the transition to next generation video technologies.