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Ziggo ends personalised TV viewing data collection

Ziggo has stopped collecting personal viewing data of its customers, following a report by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP)

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Vodafone invests in Dutch TV platform

Vodafone is making its TV platform available on DSL across the Netherlands.

Until now, Vodafone TV was only available to fibre households, but the operator has decided to roll out its multiplay services to the whole country. Called Vodafone Thuis (Vodafone at Home) consumers can choose a la carte from the services offered by Vodafone; broadband internet, fixed telephony and TV.


Vodafone aims to become one of the top players in the Dutch TV market, which is now dominated by KPN, UPC and Ziggo. “We are investing heavily to our ambition – to bring Vodafone to the top three of the fixed operators,” said Rob Shuter, CEO Vodafone Netherlands.

“Vodafone Thuis is a building block for our future, where fixed and mobile communication services will merge with this offer. We are taking an important step in the transformation of mobile service provider to a provider of the full range of communications services. Nine out of ten households is now a customer of KPN or cable, so there is very little to choose from, so an alternative is desperately needed.”

Vodafone is leasing DSL capacity on the KPN network. The investment in the new serves will run in ‘hundreds of million of euros.’

The service is available via DSL with speeds of 20, 40, 80 Mbps, and in areas where fibre is available with 50, 100 and 500 Mbps.

The TV product offers have 54 digital channels in basic including a 25 HD channels, catch-up TV for up to ten days, and an app for smartphone or tablet.

Additional channel packages are divided into categories such as kids & music, international, entertainment and infotainment, in addition to premium packages including HBO and Fox Sports are available.

Source: broadbandtvnews.com