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Mixed fortunes for OTE and Telekom Romania

OTE’s pay-TV business reached break-even on a standalone basis last year, while its subsidiary Telekom Romania continued to operate in challenging conditions.

The latest results published by the Greek incumbent show that in its home market OTE TV ended 2015 with a combined total of 446,499 IPTV and satellite subscribers, or 26.3% more than a year earlier.

The increase, coupled with higher ARPU – up 26% in Q4 2015 – helped the pay-TV business reach break-even.

Meanwhile in Romania, Telekom Romania ended 2015 with a combined total of 1,452,499 DTH, IPTV and cable subscribers, or 2.7% more than a year earlier. TV revenues increased by 4% during the year, whole those for fixed voice and internet fell by 17% and 3% respectively.

Telekom Romania is now selling exclusive fully convergent offers in order to raise its customer appeal, reduce churn and improve its competitive position.

The OTE group, which also includes Telekom Albania, had revenues of €3,902.9 million in 2015 (-0.4%) and EBITDA of €1,220.5 million (-11.9%).

Its adjusted net income was €240.3 million (-24.3%).


source: http://www.broadbandtvnews.com/2016/02/25/mixed-fortunes-for-ote-and-telekom-romania/

Greek OTE holds steady

OTE’s TV business continues to grow impressively against the backdrop of the company’s improved financial performance.

In its home market, the Greek incumbent ended the third quarter with 320,578 IPTV and DTH subscribers, or 47% more than in the same period last year.

Meanwhile, in neighbouring Romania, Telekom Romania, formerly known as Telekom Romania, had 1,396,973 DTH, IPTV and cable subscribers at the end of Q3, up 5.8% on a year earlier.

In Romania, TV and broadband revenues were up 7% and 6% respectively, while voice revenues were 14% down in the quarter.

OTE as whole had revenues of €987.6 million in Q3 (-5% year-on-year), while its EBITDA was €367.4 million (-0.4%).

Although net income was down by 72.6% at €69.1 million, adjusted net income was 24.3% higher at €94.2 million.


Source: broadbandtvnews.com