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Innovative Indie-friendly startup streaming debut movies online

eDebut, Inc., the only movie streaming company that delivers new movie premieres direct to home for general public, will officially launch on March 15, 2015 at the SXSW trade show.

Moviemakers can send eDebut a copy of their movie (either prior to or during its theatrical release) and rent a time slot for the debut online. A notification with the film’s trailer and time of stream of the single show is sent to everyone that has downloaded the company’s free app. This exposes potentially millions of fans to each movie and creates the desire to watch the debut. Each screening is first come first serve, since space for each film is capped by the filmmaker. The people who liked the trailer, just before the show, check the app for seat availability. Those who are able to get a spot can watch the movie instantly for free & stream it to TV. Those who cannot get a spot are interested & actively engaged with the movie. So they are instantly redirected to incentives like electronic coupons or loyalty cards (within the app) to watch the movie in theaters or to buy the movie DVDs etc, resulting in more theatrical ticket/ancillary sales than ever before.

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