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Netflix kicks off in Germany

Global subscription video-on-demand market leader Netflix has launched its service for internet users in Germany on September 16, 2014, at midnight CET.

For a flat fee from €7.99 per month, the US company offers movies, series, comedy shows, documentaries and children’s programmes for access on the connected TV set, PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone through the open internet.

Netflix will also be available as an app on Deutsche Telekom’s IPTV platform Entertain. The service will be rolled out across all Entertain set-top-boxes in the forthcoming weeks.

In addition to well-known series like House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars and Sons of Anarchy, the line-up also contains series which haven’t been aired in Germany yet, for example Orange Is the New Black, BoJack Horseman, Fargo, Penny Dreadful and From Dusk Till Dawn, the series adaption of the movie of the same name.

The movie portfolio comprises titles such as 21 Jump Street, Hangover and Inception. Local German productions are also part of the line-up, for example series like Stromberg, Pastewka and Der Tatortreiniger as well as movies like Keinohrhasen and Zweiohrküken with Stromberg – der Film to follow in October.

For access, Netflix Germany recommends a data rate of at least 3Mbps for SD content, 5Mbps for HD content and 25Mbps for Ultra HD content.

The basic subscription for €7.99 per month enables access on one device at a time to SD content. Viewers wanting to access Netflix in HD quality on up to two devices simultaneously pay €8.99 per month.

Customers signing up for the largest package for €11.99 per month can use Netflix on up to four devices at the same time and gain access to HD and Ultra HD content.

The first month is free of charge for all users.

Source: broadbandtvnews.com

Vodafone: Ultra HD and 200Mbps for Germany

Vodafone Deutschland will double the highest internet speed offered by its cable subsidiary Kabel Deutschland to 200Mbps in November 2014.

Around 1.8 million households will be able to use the new high-speed service by March 31, 2015. Six months later, the figure is to grow to almost 3 million households. The first 200Mbps cities will include Koblenz, Saarbrücken and Wilhelmshaven.

The 200Mbps subscription which will offer 12Mbps for downloads will cost €20 per month more than the 100Mbps service (currently €39.90 per month).

In December 2013, Kabel Deutschland launched a 200Mbps test run in Mainz. The experiences made in the city were very positive, according to the cable company, thereby affirming it to widely roll out 200Mbps across its coverage area.

This autumn, Vodafone wants to launch a bundle offering combining its fixed-line and mobile networks: Depending on the infrastructure available, customers will surf via cable network or LTE with up to 100Mbps. The included mobile data volume amounts to 1.5GB.

The all-in-one subscription which will also contain unlimited domestic telephone calls and SMS messages will cost €59 per month in the first 12 months and €79 per month afterwards.

In the first half of 2015, Vodafone wants to introduce Germany’s first Ultra HD set-top-box. The 4K device developed in conjunction with technology companies Broadcom, Cisco and Sagemcom will form the basis for all TV receivers offered by Vodafone and Kabel Deutschland in future.

The Ultra HD box which will contain middleware Videoscape MediaHighway and encryption system Videoscape VideoGuard from Cisco will initially be offered to Vodafone’s IPTV customers. The customers of Kabel Deutschland will in future also be provided with Ultra HD content and corresponding reception devices, according to Vodafone.

Source: broadbandtvnews.com