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332 illegal streaming links for World Cup opener

Global expert in the protection and enhancement of content services Viaccess-Orca is operating its ‘Eye on Piracy’ service for the duration of the FIFA World Cup campaign.

It includes the ‘Track’ module, which monitors where piracy occurs, the amount of piracy that is taking place and who is actually watching the illegal broadcasts.

On the piracy front, despite high availability of FTA channels, many illegal streaming links have concurrently been identified on several Internet web sites, also known as link farms. As an example, for the opening game on June 12th, Brazil vs Croatia, 332 links (out of which 220 unique streams) were detected. In fact, as the match was available on FTA channels, it was even easier for pirates, as well as for regular viewers, to share the content. These figures are slightly higher than the matches of major European Leagues.

On the audience side, the findings are in line with expectations. As a result of the high number of legal FTA broadcasts, Viaccess-Orca detected an illegal audience of 496,529 viewers for the opening match which is lower than the volume of audiences traditionally encountered for such premium matches. More precisely, the estimated unicast streaming viewers represented circa 360,933 viewers and a 73 per cent of the total audience. Peer to peer (P2P) measured audience by VO’s patented technology was 135,596 unique viewers representing 27 per cent of the total audience.

The next component in VO’s Eye on Piracy is ‘Fight’, which includes issuing cease and desist / takedown notices to illegal sites. On that aspect, 160 takedown notices have been sent during the opening game which exceeds the most popular Leagues’ events.

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are also active with specific piracy groups and links. As an example, out of the 707 notices sent in total, 51 have been sent to content platforms referenced on Facebook.

During this first period, a total of 707 takedown notices for a total of seven matches have been sent to tens of live streaming content platforms.

source: advanced-television.com