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Belgian VOD surpasses DVD and Blu-ray

For the first time, VOD and EST business exceeded that sale and rental of physical media (DVD and Blu-ray) in Belgium during 2014.

According to figures published by the Belgian Entertainment Association (BEA), based on research by GfK, electronic sales and rentals (all forms of VOD) have reached €130 million, an increase of over 16% compared to 2013.

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During the year, DVD sales fell 21% to €95.7 million. Blu-ray never really caught on, during the past year sales dropped nearly 15% to €19.7 million.

By volume, the Belgians bought 7.62 million of DVDs (down 24%) and 1.28 million of Blu-Ray (down 10.4%). Despite the growth of VOD and ESTm the total video market is slowly contracting, going down 4.3% during 2013 to €245.4 million.

source: http://www.broadbandtvnews.com/2015/02/16/belgian-vod-surpasses-dvd-and-blu-ray/