Nielsen and Roku Inc., announced a strategic agreement that will enable Nielsen to measure video advertising delivered to Roku® streaming players and Roku TV™ models. Approximately half of the 250 most-watched channels on the Roku platform are already delivering a large amount of advertising-supported content to consumers. This new measurement is an industry first for over-the-top (OTT) devices and will enable marketers to buy video advertising on the Roku platform with the same kind of audience guarantees available with traditional television.

As a first step, Nielsen and Roku will enable OTT measurement through Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings. Publishers who choose to participate will have the ability to measure their audience according to Nielsen demographics, as well as access the full suite of Digital Ad Ratings to measure, guarantee and report campaign audience delivery through the Roku platform. These new capabilities build on Nielsen’s goal of delivering Total Audience measurement of all content and advertising, and are part of Roku’s broader offerings for publishers and advertisers known as Roku Audience Solutions.

“Cross-platform audience measurement is critical for advertisers looking to leverage the trend of increasing over-the-top video consumption,” said Megan Clarken, EVP of Global Watch Product Leadership at Nielsen. “By working with Roku to measure live streaming and on-demand advertising on its platform, we can gain great insights into OTT viewing and expand the measurement and delivery of Total Audience Campaign and Content insights for all of our clients.”

“We believe all TV will be streamed, and with it all TV advertising,” said Scott Rosenberg, vice president of advertising at Roku. “We’re excited to join forces with Nielsen to significantly advance the measurement and value of OTT advertising. With Nielsen, we’re integrating these capabilities directly into the Roku OS, enabling Roku’s channel publishers and advertisers to measure and transact on the industry’s leading metrics.”